Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a safe, proven and effective method to rebuild lost core muscle strength. Suited to all people and age groups, whether elite sportspersons or regular people, clinical Pilates is used for back pain prevention, injury rehabilitation and strength improvement.

At Wigg’s Physiotherapy Services, we undertake a full assessment of a patient’s condition before introducing Pilates as a customised treatment solution. Unlike regular strength programs found in gym facilities, we create solutions for every individual aimed to reduce unsafe movement patterns.

We use different types of equipment to help treat different problems in the body, including floor-based programs and a reformer. All our patients go through an in-person consultation with our physiotherapists before starting any Pilates program – ensuring the best results at all times. Our clinical Pilates program aims to treat the following conditions:

  • Strength, coordination and flexibility improvement
  • Injury prevention and boosted sports performance
  • Early and late-stage injury rehabilitation
  • Lower back pain, pelvic pain and hip pain treatment
  • Pain management, deconditioning and fall prevention
  • Bone strength improvement and better breathing control
  • Pre and post-natal conditioning

Clinical Pilates Consultation Fees

Clinical Pilates initial     30mins – $82
Clinical Pilates review    30mins – $72

Patients may be able to claim health insurance fund rebates for clinical Pilates, which is not valid in other Pilates studios not run by physiotherapists. Payment can be made per session or at a discounted 10-packs rate. Individual sessions may use the HICAPS system where an immediate rebate is available after just paying the gap fees. Receipts are available for patients who claim the 10-pack discount option, so they can get their money back from their health providers immediately.